Gartocharn Remembers

Gartocharn Remembers 11.11.18

Programme of commemorative events


6.00 am


The Battle’s O’er – piper playing in the village between the shop and House of Darrach. 1000 pipers playing across the UK at the same time.


10.30 am


Sunday Service of Remembrance at Gartocharn Church led by Fred Booth and featuring some WW1 songs from the B Flats.


6.00 pm


KMH open. Gartocharn Primary School exhibition. Soup and rolls will be served – donations to Erskine.


6.55 pm


The Last Post played outside KMH.


7.00 pm


Lighting of the Beacon on the Dumpling.


Please could you sign up in the shop or on the Gartocharn Community FB page if you would like soup at the hall to help us with an approximate idea of numbers.