Smartocharn 2020 update

The weather forecast for Sunday is good so it’s an ideal opportunity to spend some time in the fresh air.

Please take 20-30 minutes over the weekend to pick up litter near to your home and around the village. Please put whatever you collect in your own bin bags and wheelie bins for collection in the normal way.

Due to various restrictions, there will not be any formal arrangements for Smartocharn this year.

Greenspace (WDC) has decided not to lend out equipment for community litter picks for the next few months as they are concerned about cross-contamination.
Therefore, I am not able to obtain litter picking sticks, hi-vis vests and gloves in time for Sunday.

Greenspace cannot guarantee that they would pick up the litter with a special collection as they are short-staffed and may need to redeploy people to priority duties.

Greenspace tell me that Keep Scotland Beautiful has postponed Spring Clean 2020 (from which they are taking their direction).

KMH is now closed until June, so teas, coffees and buns will not be available, for which apologies.

But we can all do two things….

  1. our own mini-pick over the weekend and dispose in the usual way
  2. petition WDC and LLTNP to arrange a proper tidy up of the verges on the main road. I will send out an email shortly asking for your help with this.

Thanks for the many offers of help for Smartocharn 2020, all of which are much appreciated. Please don’t let a virus stop us having a Smart Gartocharn.

Best wishes,