Glasgow Eco Trust Gazette special – COP26 events

~~~ Gazette Special, Oct 2021 ~~~


In less than a week the COP26 climate conference and negotiations will start here in Glasgow.

There are hundreds of events, exhibitions, performances, webinars and talks happening as part of COP26. We’ve pulled together some key event listing websites as well as a list of 26 events you might be interested in.

COP26 is an amazing opportunity to learn from and connect with people and communities from all over the globe about the shared struggles of the climate emergency and how with passion, innovation, creativity, inclusivity, compassion, solidarity and more these struggles are being addressed. There is a lot at stake in these talks.

The events will be a mix of in person, hybrid and online and many of the events will also be recorded for later viewing. Please read the latest COVID guidance before attending any in person events.

Not sure what it’s all about?

What is COP?
Background to the COP26 talks
Voices from the Global South

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Event Listings

You can also keep up to date by watching Climate Fringe TV and

26 events for you!

  1. Fri 29 Oct/Sat 30 Oct – Sunset Assembly
  2. Fri 29 Oct, 6pm – Growing Glasgow
  3. Sat 30 Oct, 630pm – Welcome to COP: International Climate Ceilidh
  4. Sun 31 Oct, 730pm – The Spiritual Imperative of COP26: a Vision for the Future
  5. Mon 1 Nov, 1pm – Poets for the Planet – Earthsong
  6. Mon 1 Nov, 6pm – Reimagining Repair: Building a Grassroots Economy From The Ground Up
  7. Tue 2 Nov, 1110am – COP26 Youth Hub – Climate Justice Conversations
  8. Tue 2 Nov, 1200 – Feeding the City
  9. Wed 3 Nov, 3pm – Green Maps as Climate Solutions
  10. Wed 3 Nov, 3pm – Divest Discobedience
  11. Thu 4 Nov, 130pm – Art and Politics: Learning from the Past, Making for the Future – A Workshop
  12. Thu 4 Nov, 7pm – Eco-feminist short films on climate justice
  13. Fri 5 Nov – Youth Strike for Climate march (11am) and tally (3pm)
  14. Fri 5 Nov, 230pm – The Power of Public Engagement for Harnessing Climate Action
  15. Sat 6 Nov, 1015am – Pedal On COP Glasgow West and Cydebank feeder ride and lots more feeder rides
  16. Sat 6 Nov, 1130am – Global Day of Action for Climate Justice demo march and rally
  17. Sun 7 Nov, 4pm – WWF and Nourish Scotland – Healthy and Sustainable Diets
  18. Mon 8 Nov, 930am – Intersectionality 101 – A Beginner’s Guide to Climate Justice
  19. Mon 8 Nov, 1045am – Just Transition strategies versus neo-liberal climate schemes
  20. Tue 9 Nov, 930am – Land, Food and Power
  21. Wed 10 Nov, 9am – Demand Better Public Transport Demo
  22. Wed 10 Nov, 2pm – The Social Crisis within the Climate Crisis 
  23. Thu 11 Nov, 2pm – Sustaining Ourselves as Activists and Organisers
  24. Fri 12 Nov, 130pm – Minga Indígena Declaration Letter for COP26 Leaders
  25. Fri 12 Nov, 6pm – Climate Grief Karaoke and Burnt Out
  26. Sat 13 Nov, 1pm – Our Village: What are the impacts of Climate Change?